In 2003, Kai had serious intentions of pursuing a path in the creative industry during his service with Singapore Police Force and since then, he never looked back. Since young, he has always loved to draw and in 2004, with support from his family, he enrolled into Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore to study animation. During the 3 years course, he developed a strong interest for painting and in 2006, he graduated 2nd in his cohort. He was then offered a position as a VFX artist in Blackmagic Design (Singapore), creating mattepaintings and 3D textures for their TVCs.

In late 2007, he joined an interactive media studio, Yolk. There, he provided concept arts for their web comics and facebook game. He got his first taste of interior design from collaboration with technology companies like PICO. Clients include Starhub and Fusionopolis
One of the primary fuel for his passion for design is from his years as a gamer and being a sci-fi fan. Some of these old school games include Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and etc. Despite their lack of technology, Kai feels that these old school games are very successful in conveying stories that touches gamers' heart. His dream is to be able to become part of a team in bringing a game to life and hopefully, touch the gamers' heart again.. With that in mind, he planned to study in Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 5 years time.

In 2009, upon learning that Fengzhu (his idol) is setting up a school in Singapore, he realised that this was a good chance for him to go after his dream a lot earlier. Despite many objections, he quit his job and studied in Fengzhu School of Design for one year. There, he strengthened his fundamentals and honed his skills in designing. The Art Directors were helpful and willing to share their knowledge. Within a year, he was able to freely translate his ideals and imaginations into visuals for all to see. Not only did he earn the skills to further his career, Kai also learned more about himself. He loves to share, to learn and also to raise the quality of the team as a whole.
If you asked him how would he sees himself in 5 years time, he will proudly say that he will still be doing conceptual design and he loving it.